Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wallpaper – Fool’s Gold (Mariah Carey Mashup)

Nice! This song has some good fat double d tits on it. Good wake up and make breakfast song. Wallpaper did a ton of mashups and this is one of the best. Oh yea they do a 99 Problems mash its grrrrreat. Oh check out Nervous in New York tooooooo ooo ooooo. I just keep coming back for more.. 4 mo0000hre… Except.... recently they came out with like the worst song I have ever heard and it actually got radio play. I think it was called "Best Friends" I wanted to shoot myself when that came on the radio. Haven't heard from them since. Nice hit Wallpaper. #music #blog #song #talent #musician #concert #band #rock #tv #video #youtube #hellagey

No lyrics for you!:

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