Monday, November 26, 2012


When the Facebook IPO first launched at, what was it? $38? It quickly shot up to around $41 before everyone realized how "over valued" it was. Well, I was ready to buy at $40. I hesitated and I'm glad I did because the old rumors of IPO's and how they launch way too high and typically drop down to even out were true. But guess what? Facebook is Facebook and what happened with that IPO was the uncertainty of older people and the lack of faith in something they didn't understand. I have been working in online marketing for over 5 years now and I understand one thing. When you have a network that is the size of Facebook, you become almost too big to fail. While cooperate fat cats, investors and the dads of the world were concerned with hard numbers and things like, how is Facebook going to make money? I was sitting back almost laughing at the uncertainty that was going about this stock. How is Facebook NOT going to make money? HAHAHAH I laugh. A network with over 1 billion active users and growing everyday has so much potential it's crazy. People started to question every aspect of Facebook as a business. How well do the ads work? Where is the proof? How does it work for businesses? Why should a local shop owner care about Facebook? All these questions people were asking was part of the final SALE of social media to the country and the world! For everyone else over 30 years old social media was new and unknown. What we are seeing today is, Facebook and social media proving itself to the world and making the ultimate SALE.

Because of my overuse of the network and general curiosity I knew way ahead of time that the ads within Facebook worked much better than anything else I tried and I also knew that no matter what Facebook did, it would still maintain a great relationship with it's users. Since 2004 when I had my first Facebook account it has gone through so many changes and each change was protested by the users. Did anyone leave? NO, it only grew bigger. Facebook claims it tries to create a lasting relationship with its users by not over doing it, and they do a great job, but the fact is, with common sense and good business practice, it's hard to fuck this one up! On to the Money!

For all you who are concerned about Facebook's potential to make money let me leave you with this. You see, I have this blog here and I know how to monetize it. I am actually making a little bit of money from it. Making money isn't the problem! Content is the problem. While I struggle to produce one or two articles a day or week Facebook is producing content by the second!!! Best of all, it's user generated content. Facebook has over 1 billion people creating content for it every day! They have solved the hardest problem out there. CONTENT is the hard part and Facebook has that issue so well locked up it's not even funny. So, now the money part comes in. It's no surprise to me that the smarty pants over at Facebook were able to lead the way with mobile ads, that's so easy compared to what they have already  done. Facebook has already done the heavy lifting and the small task of monetizing it's user base is not a problem, it's a "problem" every business wishes they had.

For the skeptics out there, you're crazy! I'm lucky I waited to buy stock at $22.00/share but the truth is who cares what price you get it. In two years you will see what I mean. Don't be surprised when more and more articles come out the success of Facebook. Currently the stock is at $25.94, too bad you didn't buy at $17 and if you did, lucky you. I wouldn't wait any longer. Truth is, the stock will most likely go back down to $20 and come up again and then down again but over the next year you will see a big gain. Mark my words, Facebook is here to stay and is a great long term play!

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