Friday, November 30, 2012


RATATAT - DRUGS god dayummm this is such a weird as video and killer song. I have never seen another video like this. I can't tell if the peoples faces are moving and warping or what but it definitely give the sensations of extremely weird drugs. Can anyone tell me what drugs this video describes please, I need to know what to stay away from. I think the video is really trying to communicate the happiness, pleasure, confusion and hardships that drugs bring to your life. Sometimes you feel happy, sometimes extremely sad, sometimes your emotions tell you love someone and the next day you hate them. Whats weird about my assumption is how regular those feeling are in life without drugs. It makes you think, is it the drugs that make someone a certain way, or is that person a certain way and they just happen to use drugs.

The video was Directed by Carl Burgess a U.K. based filmmaker. Burgess used a compilation of stock video from Getty Images in order to make the video. Burgess claims that when the stock footage is taken out of context it reveals the true absurdity of the whole thing and leaves you with a very interesting and creepy video like the one you see above. To learn more about the making of this video and more about Burgess click here. 

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