Monday, December 17, 2012

Guru Josh Project - Infinity 2008 (Official Video - Klaas Vocal Edit)

Guru Josh Project - Infinity 2008 (Official Video - Klaas Vocal Edit)

When I am in the gym I need music and lately I have decided to get in shape, like super good shape, which takes lot's of time a dedication, so I am doing a ton of music discovery while I work out. My favorite new method is using Spotify Radio because it simply presents so many more options than something like Pandora and all I have to do is star the song or click thumbs up and bam I instantly have it on my phone. Anyways, I was listening to Skid Row Radio the other day as I was in the mood for some classic rock to pump me up for the workout ahead. I usually listen to classic rock during my lifting phase and then I listen to Techno or Dance or House Music when I run. Makes sense right? Well the other day I was done lifting and I forgot to switch radio over to David Guetta Radio and what happened?? Well, I noticed earlier, Spotify had defined my taste a little and was throwing in some random songs into Skid Row Radio, one being Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch, which definitely isn't classic rock. (In 2004 at 2am I actually totaled a 1999 Range Rover while that song was blasting) So when I hoped on the elliptical, my favorite calorie burning exercise because it's easy on the knees, This song popped on the Radio, Guru Josh Project - Infinity 2008 (Official Video - Klaas Vocal Edit).

I haven't heard this song in forever, but it is like the best jam of all time and an instant classic that is a must for going out etc. I hadn't seen the Music Video until know and I love it. The girl in the music video is just my type and she begins to strip half way through the video, what more can you ask for? Anyway, if you like dance music or house or techno you definitely have to check out this song and music video. Hella good music!!

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