Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kanye West wears pleated leather skirt at Sandy concert - Kangay

Kanye West wears pleated leather skirt at Sandy concert - Kangay

(This is one of the first released videos of Kanye in a skirt. I'm sure better ones will surface tomorrow.) Kanye West tries so GD hard to be cool and get attention and do ridiculous things like ruin Taylor Swift's acceptance speech or wear a fox tail, or rant about how no one cares about black people.  His latest media attention grabber was wearing a leather pleated skirt, kinda like a kilt, in the Hurricane Sandy Relief concert on 12/12/12 in Madison Square Garden New York. All great musicians are playing tonight by they way so look out for some great music. (Side note, I love NY and I will be heading out to NY on December 19th for Christmas and I am super excited. I usually see that awesome Rodeo when I go, that's at Madison Square Garden.)  Back to Kanyeeezy. I guess to stay relevant and cool you gotta try new things but as a Facebook friend recently posted, "I'm glad the kids were asleep, that would be a tough one to explain." 

 I wonder if Kimmy put him up to this? No prolly not but... I bet her and her sisters are laughing there asses off right now watching this. And guess what Kanye? Kimmy is laughing at YOU!!!!! Don't think that for one second she isn't. Soon as she is with her sisters they will all be cracking up behind your back and never they will never forget it, it will always be a family joke and no matter what it will always be something they joke about. You can get as mad as you want and she will say she is sorry and they are just kidding around and they are but I know it will always piss you off that you are the butt of their joke. Man you done fucked up Kanye, if they wanted to, those girls could destroy you by talking about all the stupid stuff you do on their show. 

"Member when Kanye wore a skirt at the Hurricane Sandy Concert? Kim you must have been dying! Like seriously" - A Kardashian 

BAM, just like that all the girls in the world think your a twerp. You are playing with fire man, get out now while you still have a music career. 

Hope you are enjoying the concert. Good night!

Wait wait, Look at all of these comments coming though on my Facebook wall.

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