Monday, December 10, 2012

Khloe Kardashian Flirting With Simon Cowell At The X Factor USA 2012

Khloe Kardashian Flirting With Simon Cowell At The X Factor USA 2012 - Oh my GOD can Khloe Kardashian be any more awkward as a host on the X FACTOR USA. When she first started hosting it was almost un bearable to watch. I kept sitting there cringing as she was obviously nervous and asking weird questions that were just off. Her co-host Mario Lopez looks like the worlds best TV host ever next to her and you can see in his body language and his smile that he himself wonders what the hell is she talking about, doing, or saying. In this clip above you can see that Khloe try's to show off that she is comfortable on stage but at the same time just makes everyone else so weirded out, what the hell is she doing. Notice Mario in the right corner with a look of astonishment and embarrassment as Khloe continues to break Simon Cowells lap. Also there have been roomers that there is "tensions" between Khloe and Britney Spears the X FACTOR judge with some involvement of Demi Lovato as well. Who the heck knows but we shall see as the show continues.

In other news, apparently Khloe isn't so happy with her sister Kim Kardashian and her alleged fiance Kanye West. Apparently Kim and Kanye or Kimye are planning to get engaged and married and Khloe thinks it's a bad idea due to Kanye Wests arrogance and bad temper. I don't know that seems like a perfect fit for Kim. I have always thought they were basically the same person, my god they are even the same height, hahaha sorry Kanye, I know you have that Napoleon complex! Don't worry your GF has elephantiasis in her butt so you are a match made in heaven.

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