Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Temecula - 22 Students Nabbed in Drug Sting At 3 Temecula High Schools

22 Students Nabbed in Drug Sting At 3 Temecula High Schools

Temecula - 22 Students Nabbed in Drug Sting At 3 Temecula High Schools 

- The students were said to be selling illegal narcotics including Marijuana, Cocaine, Meth, Ecstasy, Heroin, LSD and illegal prescription drugs. Fuck, too bad I didn't know these guys. LSD? Really? Didn't that run out in the 70's, I'm not sure I would trust if it was actually real and good LSD. Who even does LSD anymore? Is there really that much of a demand? I think ravers and such prolly love the stuff, I know I would love to be on LSD at a rave. Well, I will tell you what. I wish I had some LSD right now, I love that stuff. Possibly the best drug I have ever consumed next to Ecstasy and Marijuana. LSD makes everything especially with music sooo freaking cool it's unbelievable. I will give you one quick account of an LSD trip I had.

(Midway through my trip I was in a doormroon in Burlington, Vermont. It was freezing cold outside so the heater was on full blast. The old buildings pipes made noise as they heated up, kinda a bubbling sound. As my friend was passing me a joint I looked up at a poster of Bob Marley on the wall. This one to the left.
The noise of the heater turned into a crazy friendly laugh getting more and more intense, as the Bob Marley poster turned to me and laughed, and laughed and kept laughing, I could not help but to laugh back. I litterly felt like Bob and I were sitting next to each other just laughing at life and sharing joint. It was one of the most soothing experiences to happen to me during my trip. If you are scared on LSD look at Bob Marley and you will instantly feel better, swear to god! Just a little anecdote for you. )

Back to the article. Actually, there is one drug  that apparently is like the craziest thing ever is uhhh let me think of it... mmmm ohg yea DMT. Do your research on this one and check out some youtube videos it gets cray. Apparently that already exist in our body, wish I could harness that one. It's like meeting GOD!

Well kids, the moral of the story, believe it or not is that drugs are bad! Although I have taken most drugs and I speak like they very fun and cool, they are really not. All those drugs fuck up your brain and make you stupid and you will be much more happy and successful without them. I find sobriety to be the most fun drug and I'm serious, I'm only 26 and I have more fun being sober in almost any situation, even when it comes to painting, creating music, and being at a party. A little tip for the bro's ready, you get way more ass when your sober than you do when your drunk. You also get way hotter girls and way more of them and you spend less money and you end up making more money and being more successful. Don't let the those "Good Times" fool you. It's fun to get drunk and screw a hot random bar slew but it's more fun to make millions of dollars and screw the hottest girls ever and play golf and live in a machine. See the whole Temecula Drug Bust Story Here.

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  1. Yeah no lsd only research chemicals. But cannabis is quite safe the others stay far away! (LSD, Mush, DMT, Cactus safe as well)


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