Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Pope Sends Out His Very First Tweet - Pope Benedict XVI

The Pope Sends Out His Very First Tweet - Pope Benedict XVI

Old man Pope Benedict XVI sent out his first out his first tweet today December 12th 2012! Mark this date in history on your calenders folks! What was his first tweet? We have a screen grab right here for you on the left. That's good music!

The Pope himself will not actually be typing in the tweets but the Vatican says that the tweets are composed in his very own words. I wonder what social media agency the Pope is using? He probably hired an intern, like everyone else, haha. No, wait, even better, someone at the Vatican now has to take care of social media as well as their other duties. And this is no small feat, the Pope has eight different account in different accounts in different languages. I gotta find out who is handling this for him and if they are getting paid.

The Vatican has now opened up the flood gate to criticism, disrespect and hilarity as the tweets sent out by the pope often receive many mixed responses along with re tweets. The Pope is turing out to be a real conversation starter. The whole goal of joining twitter and social media in general was to spread the words of the wise Pope to as many people as possible and guess what? It's working! Keep trucking Pope Benedict XVI. I believe in you.

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