Friday, December 14, 2012


First off I wanted to present you with the Top 4 Performance of "Coming Home" Below that are the results of last night's show and all the necessary video to accompany it.

The Top 4 Perform "Coming Home" - THE X FACTOR USA 2012

The Shocking Semi-Finals Elimination - THE X FACTOR USA 2012

Last night America voted on X Factor USA and they voted strangely in my opinion. As far as music goes, I'm just surprised with the results. That damn Tate Stevens! Are there really that many country fans out there. Well, I for one know from experience that for some reason girls eat up that country music like it's cake or cookies. I think it has to do with all the sobby lyrics and the heartfelt performances. (Rascal Flatts, now they get them girls crappie in they britches) I couldn't hate anything more that that Country music crap. I believe that Carly Rose Soneclar rightfully made it. She has a great voice, she sang great songs with great music, there is no denying that at all, but.....WTF. Emblem 3 are way better singers and musicians and over all much more talented than Fifth Harmony. Emblem 3 is a boy band who all the girls cry over and fantasize about and what is Fifth Harmony, another group of homely looking girls who call themselves a girl band, who cares about girl bands? I know for one that guys don't go to girl band concerts and scream and yell and cry and buy tons of albums and tee shirts and binders and backpacks etc etc. I just know in my gut that Emblem 3 would sell out more arenas, sell more merch and over all be a more popular band. Also they have that cali skater vide to them so they may even get some dudes on their side too! Guaranteed Emblem 3 will sell more records and be more success full.  If any of you dudes read this YOU ROCK KEEP KILLING IT AND WIN!

Anything Could Happen, Happened - THE X FACTOR USA 2012

In this video you can see how shocked Britney Spears is about Fifth Harmony going to the finals. I totally agree. I never thought they were anything special, like LA Reid always said, "they have no harmony" and they suck. I their sob story is what helped them get this far and the fact that there are 5 of them to love over 3. I know it wasn't their music or their musical talents or the song choices that did it. They simply have better chances of connecting emotionally with a larger audience. You just have to like one singer a whole lot and then you will vote for the whole group. Sorry Emblem 3 you guys were robbed. It's time to make your own album and blow these chicks/chicas out of the water. 

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