Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kyu Sakamoto -Sukiyak

I think you will enjoy this #rockin song from the old school! This is a great song to pull out to show how cosmopolitan you are, an impresser right here! I first heard this on the beach. I had a blackberry (added a link cause it's like ancient tech now)  at the time and there was this weird competitor Pandora like app, damn I forget the name right now...but anyways I put it on the news station and it was such a POS that it started playing really old school music. After that I was like yeaa this is tight...my friend next to me was like what is that song thats awesome and that's how I found it. Thanks crappy app. If anyone knows the name of that app please write it in the comments. Your welcome. Enjoy! #music #blog #song #talent #musician #concert #band #rock #tv #video #youtube #hellaawesome

Sorry not finding those lyrics thats to much, plus you won't understand them.

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